When I discovered Traveller’s Notebook I knew it was the right one for me. It is fully customizable which is perfect for artist like me. I do use it as a Planner and Diary as well. It is nice to have some Analog stuff (writing pen and paper) once in a while and make you focus more on stuff needs to be done. Since I have been using Digital Artwork as my Freelance Service drawing has become a work for me. But doing by going traditional (and basically I am so out of practice from it) I once again discovered doing so as a hobby just like when I was younger.

Here are some of the stuff I worked on with my TN.

From the Passport Size

From the Regular Size – I love the paper I bought with it which is the Regular Blank Paper. The watercolor works great on it and ironically absorbs more water than the watercolor paper I bought… I test-drive it using the Sakura Koi Water Color Set I bought since I want to know if I can actually use it outside when I feel like it and it has been great! Now I’m pumped to work on more watercolor artworks in the future with this. 🙂

Hope you like it and let me know in the comments your feedback.

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Ink, Copic and Watercolor Drawings in My Midori’s Traveller’s Notebook

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