1080’s to late 90’s

Childhood. I was exposed with a lot of anime, manga and videogames at this time which greatly influenced who I am today. I read a lot of Newtype magazines even though I can’t read Japanese lol! By my 5th grade I already decided that I want to work in the Entertainment Media Industry.

2000 to 2004

College Years. Studied Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Major in Advertising at Philippine Women’s Univeristy. This was also where I met my husband. <3

January 2004 to December 2004

Trained and worked in Philippine Animation Studio Incorporation. This is where I learned a lot of the techniques which I still now use in my illustrations. Learning how to animate teaches you how everything works and it helped me a lot with my drawings.

December 2004 to February 2014

Worked with an animation outsourcing company that provided services for AAA video game companies and movie houses. You can check out my Linked In profile to know more about the works I did.

March 2012 to Present

Full time Freelancing – providing Illustration and Graphic Design. I’ve been hired thru various platform such as:

Upwork.com formerly oDesk

I also did some contractual work from my previous employer as Production Supervisor which ended on December 2014. This is so I can go full throttle with my illustration services which was something I always wanted to do. I also decided that this would be my full-time business venture and hopefully expand more in the future.