Every last quarter of the year is the time when planner addicts starts to look round for their next planner journal, or reserve one for the next year. Last December 2016 was when I bought my Midori TN from Scribes Writing Essential and it was one of my best Journal/Planner I ever had. So you must be wondering why I switched if it was, right?

You can find how helpful my TN had been in my previous entry,

But this year finding a refill I wanted for my TN (Weekly + Memo) has failed. When Scribe announced they have finally stocked on their 2018 Midori TN line it was my mistake to dilly dally and went online hours later. And when I did, oh boy, almost everything’s sold out, for a reservation that is! The question then was when are they going to restock, they said they don’t know. Okay… so actually they asked for my contacts and just in case they restock they will call or text me immediately but weeks later there was nothing and December (considered the last weeks you can prepare a planner for 2018) was fast approaching and I’m no longer willing to wait until last week of December. So as soon as I went back to Scribe the following week and saw the 1st Canary Yellow A6 Hobonichi Techo available I bought it without second thought as I had always been wanting to try it since I’ve heard a lot of good reviews and indeed those reviews hold. I hesitated before because it was more of a Daily Planner which I am used to using a Monthly One and I wanted a Weekly TN before but as soon as I opened the Hobonichi Techo it was love!

The paper, though very thin (Tomoe Paper) is also very durable and inks love it. Stickers work well and easy to remove if you make a mistake. The only thing was when I bought it they don’t have a Cover on Cover or CoC available which is a plastic cover to protect you Hobonichi cover from dirt and stains. So after much thought I tried ordering thru their official online shop Hobonichi 1101 and bought the 2 CoC, one for A6 Techo (I’ll be using as my personal journal about my life adventures) and one for Weeks because I also bought the Earthbound edition Hobo 2018 Weeks which I am now using for all work related and geek stuff. I was scared ordering international because of the scary customs stories that I might not receive my purchases but lo and behold in just 1 week I got all of them in very good condition! Happiness!

Basically the main reason for the switch was the ease of buying the planner straight from their official site. Both Midori TN and Hobonichi are good products and loved them both but for me the website, the service, the accessibility is what sets them apart and Hobonichi 1101 is the big winner.

Switching from Midori Travelers Notebook to Hobonichi Techo and Weeks
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