Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and not an actual fact. However you think regarding the topic is up to you but I would like to point some pointers and hopefully could give you some idea why I thought of it. Again this is just my personal view.

You’ve seen, heard it a lot lately, sponsored or not, through your Social Media dashboards or IRL family and friends who are planning to switch to freelance for various reasons… the non-stop sponsored advertisements on “How to earn $$$$ in Freelancing” online tutorial stuff that promises to teach you the secrets and techniques of how to be successful. They promise you a thousand, a couple more, or perhaps even more “US$” with some simple steps that they say it took them years to figure out and you can learn it in just a few lessons if you sign up to them to teach. Sounds good isn’t it? You’re having such a tough time trying to figure out how to level-up your game in freelancing, just getting enough clients to at least ease up your financial trouble is something you would be satisfied to have and these “Freelancing Online Tutorials” comes right at your social media doorstep, or probably in some other platform, IDK… and promises you to make it easier for you with even more because they did it already! SIGN ME UP! I’ll only pay some $100-$500 for 10 sessions or so… and a month or 2 to learn the promised knowledge that will equip me in this cruel freelancing life, so by calculations that would be $500 to $1000 worth of income that I can actually earn by myself by just really thinking hard about what I can offer… LET’S GO!

Really now!? Are you really buying it? Have you thought hard about who these people who claim they know it all? And they’re doing this in the goodness of their heart by offering tutorials for cheap (if you call it cheap, why not call it then?). The very same people who claims they earn like $2000 a month or $500 to $1000 a day? Hahahahahaha! XD Yeah right…. With that amount that person is earning more than an average Executive Class. So why even bother to do something extra that takes so much of your time (for family or friends or something like a hobby you would like to pursue), or sleep? Of course they will claim they only need to work like 5 hours a day, probably less like 2 hours, so they have like extra time?

Or that they can quote premium rates? This could be true to them but let’s be realistic, it all boils down to the quality of service you can provide. And in their cases, it could be their quality is top-notch, I don’t know because so far, I will not name names, I ended up putting one of these so-called freelancing teacher’s newsletter to my Junk Mail because his newsletter started to annoy me, losing quality, sounding desperate and just ended up non-stop bragging of whatever he is claiming. It’s not convincing, just plain annoying and arrogant. And that person teaches Email Marketing… So is he gonna teach that annoying email composition to his potential “students”? I sincerely hope not because the email worldwide space would just end with a lot of junk mails. That’s like pollution in cyberspace and waste of bandwidths. Ugh!

So let’s think about it… Have you thought that the reason why these “online freelancing teachers” are actually offering these services because, whatever it is that they claim, they can’t do it anymore? And that getting income by teaching “innocent, aspiring” freelancers is their way to have that income they claim so much. Think about it… let’s say in the most minimum they have 10 students that they have to teach “how to freelance-in-whatever-skill-you-can-actually-learn-in-a-week-or-two-if-you-really-put-your-everything-on-it” in a couple of months and ask for $500 per student for about 10 sessions or so. In the lesson proper they show you some Power Point Clips for notes, explain using a script they have probably said more times that they remember, and answer some questions that most probably they’ve heard more times than they should in 2 hours of live stream for once or twice a week (depending on how fast they want to finish to maximize income), they have already earned $2500 a month or $5000 in 2 months. EASY!

So are they really helping you?

Not really. They are helping themselves, that is a fact and probably you already know that.

Is it a good idea to enroll with these guys?

If you’re lazy to learn by yourself, not confident and have extra cash to throw away? And if you’re okay of (just probably) not really learning anything and hearing the same thing you’ve probably have heard or read already somewhere but just didn’t care or believed then? Sure! But if you’re like that then I don’t think you’ll survive for long when you do enter the freelancing world because freelancing is all about non-stop learning and at most times you have to do it by yourself.

 It’s not a Scam per se, but in the end the agenda is not to help you. And that, like the clients they claim you will win over after you take their lessons, you are just one of those clients they have convinced to help.

So what is my agenda by writing this? It’s not to help you. I’m a hypocrite if I say that! It’s because, in how I see it, these “teachers” are actually making freelancing a fad. Something that if you do, you’re cool, you’re independent and better than our employed counterparts, and that freelancing is not “not a job” like the people around you claims. So in that effect they are over-saturating the market with aspiring freelancers that ends up dividing the income or getting it harder for them to get jobs and ends up enrolling with them. It’s a vicious cycle! And we all know that over-saturation is NOT a GOOD THING! It will bite us in the ass, one way or the other if this does not stop.

I strongly encourage freelancing if this is within your lifestyle and mindset and only you can know if it is.

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I do write about freelancing that helps but that is only if I can and I have time, and for those who really are serious about it. But if you have any questions about it you can always comment and I always try to answer the best I can, as soon as I can so please don’t hesitate.

“How-To-Freelance” Online Tutorial: Is it really Helpful or a Scam?
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