All travel blogs say it. “Experienced earned on your travels is worth more than the money you earned as the memories is something you can keep as you get older,” something like that… I know you know what I mean as you’ve probably heard or read it more times that you can count.

Personally some of the things I would like to do is travel to Japan, Korea, Hongkong and some European Countries. I do. But after some travels here and there just for the sake of “traveling” I realized I’m not really a traveling person. It didn’t give me much joy and memories as videogames, comics, and watching cartoons and anime did for me which is still vivid to me when I talked about it.

Traveling is nice once in a while, true. But not really as satisfying as some people who promotes it, for me at least so please don’t take my word for it as in the end it is subjective. I’m only saying this for those who are like me who was once desperate to try to find a way to travel (you know, by saving and looking for low price flights and hotels) but really, if you really do want it, like those we’ve heard stories about, no matter what you’ll find a way. If you haven’t it only means you don’t really want.

I know it personally because in reality I have many chances but it was’t my priority. If you ask me what I really want my list would be art supplies, upgrades for my computer, my crochet and knitting stuff, my tv series, anime, manga and video games. I would also add some clothes and beauty stuff, better if I can bring them IF I travel. See the “if” there? It’s because what I really want is if it is inevitable for me to go somewhere I would like to bring the stuff I like anywhere I go. See? Traveling is least in my priorities. And if it’s the last thing you want to do how exactly are you gonna learn anything from it? Get my drift? My point is don’t force yourself just because society hammers to your head it’s the best thing in the world to do when for you, clearly it’s not.

Be yourself! Do what YOU like and need to do and from there you’ll learn a lot of things only you can ever know.

Truth: Realizing “Travel More” Does NOT APPLY to Everyone
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