I did mentioned on one of my post that I wasn’t really into skin care because I think it’s a hassle, hate the feeling of products in my skin and it doesn’t work.

I tried a lot of brands and products that was recommended to me by family and friends. And what I discovered is that I am most agreeable with Asian beauty products. When I did make-up before (which I only do now very light compared before where I go full make-up with eyeshadows and blush) Japanese brand worked better for me than when I used Western products. I’m not saying that Japanese brand is best or whatnot, because I know Western brands like Clinique, Revlon, etc… are really good. But it goes well with the skin type which was designed inclined with their Western market. But because I’m Asian it is only common sense that using an Asian brand which is more inclined for their Asian market would be more compatible with my skin.

I wasn’t looking for make-up this year but, not sure if I mentioned this before, self improvement is my focus and part of it is on my physical aspect, which one is my skin. I blogged about my favorite products that I am using before but recently I realize that there is one brand that has become my favorite.

It all started with the very popular Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Gel which was recommended to us by my husband’s younger sister. We discovered that there’s a Nature Republic store in SM MOA which is one of the biggest SM mall near where we lived so when we to go there to shop or simply chill we always visit that shop and always ended up buying something to try or restock and in no time I noticed my beauty drawer is almost filled with Nature Republic Products.

It was a bummer I wasn’t able to take a picture of my collection of their mask. We bought 2 of each that there is available to try. I’ll make a separate blog about it when we buy again to restock and share you my thought and which is my favorite since I haven’t finished trying them all.

These were our  most recent Nature Republic buys

We just used the NR Aloe Vera Peeling Foot Mask and it was super effective. As I am writing this my feet are already peeling. and the skin underneath is smooth I love it. When you use this peeling mask it takes about 4 days before the peeling start. And when it does it takes about 3 days to finish so when you do try this make sure you don’t have to wear any feet revealing footwear like sandals for a week because it might not look good. But it will after so no worries! The NR Aloe Vera Moisture  Foot Mask I still need to try after my peeing phase if over.

What I am most happy of all that I found is the NR Skin Smoothing Body Peeling Mist. I’ve been looking for something like this for years! I remember a product that was sold to me when I was in high school that is similar to this one. The idea is it removes stubborn dirt on your body more gently and effectively than scrub. It is more expensive though…. but the Nature Republic’s boy peeling misty cost about Php500 and comes in 3 scents. As soon as we got home and took a shower we immediately tried this and oh boy! I never felt so clean. You can see your skin lightening when it’s loosing dirt. And the best part is unlike the one I used when I was younger that felt dry and smell awful after use, NR’s felt smooth on skin and smelled really nice! I love it so much! <3

The hair color was for my husband and he loved the colors. His hair didn’t dry after application which was always the concern when dying hair, right? Next time I might get my own hair color, which I finally found the courage to apply on my own as long as I don’t have to bleach it.

When you buy from Nature Republic they always give some samples and this time was their Arghan Oil Shampoo and it was awesome! Sorry for sounding like I was fangirling but I am considering getting one next time. 🙂

So that’s it! It’s been a while since my last post because schedule has been hectic and you might be wondering when did this become a beauty blog… Actually it’s still not. I just want to share my new discoveries and this was one of it. I am cooking on my next blog which is related to Freelancing and Art as I always write about.

Till next post!

Nature Republic is Officially My Favorite Skin Care Brand
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