I knew sushi first when I was younger being surrounded by anime, manga, games, or any Japanese culture that was available back in the 80's and 90's. When I first had sushi, I was taken aback how it tasted. Because it was too foreign for me it took me a while to get used to how it actually tasted and appreciated it as time went by. Now, whenever I get the chance to eat in a buffet it is always one of my list of To-Go-To-Eats.

Fast forward to 2017 as I discover Korean cuisine and one of the foods I really love is the Gimbap. What I like best about it is, unlike sushi that it is best experience with soy sauce and wasabi, Gimbap is best experienced just eaten as in.

By tradition there are other variations of Gimbap but you can make your own version at home. Let me share to you my version of Gimbap. 🙂


  1. Cooked Rice (for 6 rolls I used 1 and 1/5 cups of brown rice)
  2. Nori Sheets
  3. Crab Sticks (cut in half vertically)
  4. Cooked Scramble Eggs in a Roll slice in long thin pieces
  5. Meat Load (fried)
  6. Cucumber sliced into long strips.
  7. Sesame Oil
  8. Bamboo Sushi Roller (optional)


  1. If you have a bamboo sushi roller, spread a sheet of nori in it. The sticks in the bamboo roller should be lined vertically from you while the nori cut lines should be lined horizontally from you. Also make sure the rough side of the nori sheet is facing you. The smooth part should be outside of the gimbap when rolled.
  2. Spread a thin amount of rice on half of the nori (it should be the right half of the nori)
  3. Add crab stick, meat loaf, scrambled eggs and cucumber on top of the rice.
  4. Roll from the rice part tightly using the bamboo sushi roller until the part of the nori without the rice covers the whole roll.
  5. Of you prefer it uncut you can just serve it like that. But if you prefer it to be in bite size, as you cut it into pieces, wipe off the gimbap stains (rice stains) from the knife every now and then to avoid the pieces sticking to the knife, breaking the nori.
  6. Sprinkle with a bit of Sesame Oil and serve. In my case I just cook all the ingredients in sesame oil which for me is more practical and taste better.

Serve and Enjoy!

Home Made Gimbap
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