For the longest time I avoided anything Korean simply because I was into anything Japanese and Western geek stuff as you can probably notice with my stuff here in my website. And that was wrong, I tell you. It’s one thing that it is simply not for you (in the end it still depends on your taste) but not trying to at least take a peek you might not know it but you probably lost a lot of things like opportunities and experiencing something new or something to learn. And for me it was all of it.

So what are they?

New Experience

    1. Food of course!
    2. Music. Although in the Philippines you also hear them in the radio, I never knew how good they were till now.
  1. Seeing a Korean Celebrity was totally new to me. I’ve seen Western, Japanese and local (Filipino) celebrities, in person, before but one time we happened, by pure coincidence without knowing who he was, rode an escalator with this one Kpop star (no joke!) and we were lured to follow (me and my husband, mind you) this dude to what was a Korean Festival held in SMX Aura. He was too good looking as if you were still watching in a television. And I’m the type who always miss a celebrity besides me because I simply don’t care.
  2. Interacting with them. I cannot say this for everyone but so far the people I met are easy to talk with, disregarding language barriers.

Learned and Improved

10 Blog Lifestyle-My Favorite Threats

  1. How I look. It is common knowledge that as get older we need to take care of our skin but I hated that because of my previous experiences with skin products. But, and I’m saying this without bias, when I discovered the new products they carry and how nice they are to use I started to enjoy using them. I discovered awesome alternatives that I can use as make-up which are easy and light to use and still looking my natural self, just improved. I also took extra care of my body by at least exercising a bit, if not in a gym, at least at home.
  2. Health and Fitness/Diet. To be honest we had been eating almost, always korean food but we cooked them instead. We live near a number of korean groceries so we never had problem with the ingredients and because we were watching variety shows lately and see them cook we learned by watching. My husband got too interested he can now also cook other foods totally different from what I cook and they’re super yummy and healthy at the same time because he made sure the ingredients he use don’t use too much salt (which is bad because salt causes you to retain to much water weight) In this respect he benefit more than I did.
  3. My drawing. As you can see in my Instagram account I had been drawing (more often than before) real life people rather fiction (even though they’re portraying a fictional character). Because now I’m taking extra care of how I look I also get then time to inspect my own anatomy and learned from it. I’m not saying I never tried to learn it. It is common knowledge that artist that draw human know 1 thing or two about anatomy but because I was taking extra attention to my own body these days I subconsciously learned from it.

Opportunities – so far I only have one in mind.

  1. New audience in my Instagram. As I have expanded, not because of work, but because of, let’s say, fandom, I was able to share more of artwork to other people who have the same interest. Though it will not exactly impact my career as an artist, yet, but having a wider audience also expands the possibility of meeting a potential client. But that’s an added bonus.

So that’s it. Though I’m still into Anime, Manga, GOT and Dr. Who, right now I’m into Kdrama and why should you not? They’re great source for creativity and inspiration. 🙂

How Discovering Korean Drama Improved Myself and My Work
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