Let’s switch things up a bit and talk about beauty products. 🙂

I’m lazy when it comes to make-ups and other girly stuff. Though from time to time I also like to dress up a bit and wish I have perfect skin… or at least look nice in pictures… which I failed to do so before because I don’t like washing my face with scrubs and putting on icky creams on my face. I don’t like putting in make-up anymore because it takes too much time and I fear of aggravating my skin further and I’m not getting any younger. I hated putting on lotions and toners smells too much chemicals… until I found these favorites of mine. When I finally found the right combination of products for me I started to look forward using all of them each time of the day.

I won’t put the facial wash I am using as I am still in the fence on which product is what I can say is my favorite.

Let’s stat with the toner.


This is my life! This is so far the best toner for me and even my niece agreed when she tried. I gave her a bottle too and she loved it. I don’t use it with cotton, I apply it with just my hands. I heard from some Korean face care that cotton can damage your face… and so far the method of just using the hands works best for me. They say toner is use to clean the last remaining dirt from your face but shouldn’t that have been done when you washed it, don’t you think?



If the sun is still up and because even on rainy days it’s still hot I go for Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera 92% Soothing (& Moisture) Gel. It was actually recommended to us (I mean to me and my husband) and it had been great to us. Not only it moisturizes but when applied it feels really cool. It cost about Php 245 retail and are usually sold out. It’s so popular and no it is because it’s effective. Even guys would love to use it as my husband did. And I can’t say for myself but since using it he had nice supple skin compared when he didn’t use it.
At night this is my go to moisturizer. Olay has always been the brand my mom uses which I wondered why when I was young… But when I did use it I understood. Even though in cream form it didn’t have that icky feeling (that I hate) when applied. It’s smooth to the skin and almost milky in a way. It’s a little cool as well. What I love about it (not just the effect it had on my skin which drastically improved it) is the smell. I love the flower, powdery smell of it that when I don’t apply it at night I know I forgot something.
The first Yoyoso branch (Robinsons General Trias) opened near where we live and they have wonderful collection of skin product. (We always visit the store whenever we buy groceries) This particular eyecream got us intrigued as it was a snail firming hydrating cream which is a rage nowadays. If you buy them from other skin care it would cost about Php 400 to Php 800 the cheapest. But this one we got for about Php 200 and so far my really bad eyebags kind of disappear.
Last would be the Vaseline’s  Intensive Care lotion. I had very dry skin and I didn’t really develop the habit of putting on lotion until I discovered this one. I had other brands (which I will not mention) but I never liked them. This one though had been nice to my skin. Even when the weather is hot (which is the kind of weather I hate to put anything on my body the most) I still liked putting on the lotion. It’s easily absorbed the skin so yet again no icky feelings. 🙂
Some special mention.
From time to time I make declog my nose pores with Nose Strips. I’m not particular with the brand but as long as they have “Aloe” written on it 😀
I switched to Nature Republic’s tinted lip balm since compared to the other brands I used the color on this one last longer and the color gets more vibrant the longer you use it. Almost like a lightweight lipstick with moisturizing effect. While I always keep the cuticle cream from Burt’s Bee as I have dry nails due to the abuse I do to my hands…. You know… drawing too much 😀

And that’s my list and what worked best for me. I’m not saying that what worked for me will work on you as well. I always believed that depending on your race (or at least your genetic make-up) the effectivity would be different from person to person so finding the right combination is important. Asian-made products work on me well for having Asian blood but trying out others (as I have for some brand) would benefit you as well.

What are your favorite skin care products? Let me know! 🙂

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