Making the actual comics is not really complicated or whatsover but it takes time and preparation. I made a post about stuff that you need before working on your comic pages. Go and have a read. 🙂 It will save you a lot of time and effort.

11 Blog Featured Photo-Things you Need to Prepare when Working on your Comics

Now on to the comics….

So you have your Character Design Sheet…

Your Comic Script for the whole chapter…

Time to work on your comics! Yay!

Here is the complete step by step.
Rough Draft for Page Layout and Scenes
Rough Draft for Page Layout and Scenes – Working straight on with pencils would quickly drain you to work on the other pages. When I work on my pages I always start with simple shapes when drawing the scenes, just enough for me to identify the characters. It is also easier to draw the expressions and movements this way instead of drawing it detailed straight on. In manga they call this stage ナメ
Comic Page Process 03
Clean Pencils – This is where you finally sketch out the details of the scenes. Isn’t it easier to work on the pencils with the roughs guide?
Comic Page Process 04
Lettering – As for me I already add this during the roughs but technically it is better to add this when you already have the pencils on it. Why? So that you can plan the placement of the dialogues or SFX (sound effects) without covering much of what you drew. Though some artist prefer to do this while still in the rough draft stage.
Comic Page Process 05
Inking – Not much explaining to do here, right?
Microcosm - Page 04
And lastly – Adding Tones – Yep! Since we’re talking about black and white comic page here…. And I forgot to mention that in the beginning… sorry…. But if you’re working on a Colored Comics this is the stage where you color it…. meaning the last stage. This is also where you add additional effects, etc…

Previously I use Paint Tool Sai (for drawing) and Adobe Photoshop (to do the paneling, layouts, lettering,etc…) for my comics. But 2 years ago I invested on buying Clip Studio Paint EX and never regretted it one bit. It’s an amazing program and you can read it here all my thoughts about it.

04 Blog Featured Photo-Art Tools-Clip Studio Paint

If you do have questions about making comics or using Clip Studio Paint as a program do comment below and I’ll help you as much and as quickly as I can. If you know someone that you think will benefit from this post please do share it with them.

Till the next post! 🙂


Simple Guidance For You In Making Comics Step By Step
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