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Previously I used Paint Tool Sai, which is even now a very awesome digital drawing or painting program. It is used by many professional artist out there as well. Clip Studio Paint, in one form or another is very similar with Sai but there is one advantage the CS Paint has over PT Sai is that it can also layout and make actual manga pages, including ¬†the tones and effects, speech bubbles and all that. To those who are into comics that is not familiar with what the manga calls “tones” it’s not just a gray fill or gradient but it does create that effects. Traditionally when you see an actual tone (in a form of a one whole sheet of very thin sticker) you’ll find each set up close is that it is made of very small dots (or square or diamonds… depending on the tone) that made up the whole gray effect. It creates a certain texture that a simple gray filling¬†won’t be able to replicate. And that is one of the features that Clip Studio Paint that I love the most!

As for  colored digital illustration department: It is very close to PT Sai, not exactly the same. But with some minor asjustments on your setup you can mostly replicate or make a better illustration. How exactly does CS Paint improves it?

  1. Perpective ruler
  2. Wide array of Materials you can use for texture and other stuff
  3. Effect brushes that saves you a lot of time and effort.
  4. The ability to use 3D models as reference sheet inside the program.

You can find a process video I did before using the program for colored illustration

For the manga/comics part aside for creating tones, if you happen to like working on your masterpiece in color, what I really find very helpful with this program is the ability to make comic layouts easier. It even provides templates if you would like. Rather than manually making the panel lines the program makes that for you. What’s also awesome about it is that it separates every panel as their own folder which is made inside a mask. Meaning is that whatever you work on inside the specific folder stays in that panel. You don’t have to worry about your drawing going over to the panel.

The blue part is the mask part while the white blank part is the active folder panel where you can draw.

It is a highly recommended program if you like¬†working on your illustrations and comics/manga without switching out programs. If you have your Manga Studio files don’t worry as it opens them. But as soon as you save them in Clip Studio format you cannot open them back to Manga Studio (since CS Paint is the more later version)

They occasionally go on sale and I got mine in 80% off. So be on the lookout if you want a copy which you’ll get both for Windows and Mac versions. (I bought one copy for Windows and the Mac version is being used by my other half.)

If you are already using it and may have some questions about it let me know in the comments below and if I can help I’ll be sure to give you the tips you need as soon as I can.

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Clip Studio Paint – Your Complete Illustration and Manga (or Comics) Solution
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