Instead of beef we use pork for this recipe. The same recipe applies to fish for Fish Steak


  1. Steak or porkchop cut pork (we use 3 pieces because we only serve 2)
  2. Red onion slice
  3. Soy sauce (1 or 2 cups depending how much sauce you want to keep)
  4. 5 pieces calamansi juice
  5. Ground black pepper powder
  6. Cooking oil (I like using olive oil instead because we avoid cooking oil as much as possible)


  1. Massage black pepper on pork.
  2. Mix soy sauce , onion and calamansi juice in a bowl for marinate. Put in pork and marinate for at least 3 hours (or 30 minutes in the fridge uncovered)
  3. Put just right amount of oil in the pan, take out some onions from the marinate and sautee. Remove onions from pan in a minute.
  4. Fry pork on the same pan in medium heat.
  5. When pork is fried, add the marinate sauce and lower heat. Simmer till desired thickness of sauce.

Serve and Enjoys!


Pork Stek Tagalog (an Alternative to Bistek Tagalog)
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