I actually have my Youtube Channel for quite some time now but it was only until a month or 2 ago that I finally uploaded something in my channel… not counting the very first one I uploaded to test the site.

In my instagram I post time lapse 2 or 3 part videos of my art process which at the beginning was more on about inks and copic markers then I decided to compile it to one whole video and went on to upload it my channel.

The thing is I enjoyed the video editing process so I went on and did more stuff.

Whenever I have the chance I record my process and edit it to timelapse (as they take about hours… You don’t really want to watch a movie length of me slowly working and randomly opening website and email right?)

I might add some other random stuff not because I just want to populate my youtube but my channel is also a means for me to keep on practicing me video editing skills… It kinda suck after so long of not using it. Thank God for Google for tutorials 😀

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If you have any suggestions on when I should post my vids or any videos you would like me to make let me know in the comments below 🙂

My Youtube Channel
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