As a child drawing has been my hobby aside from the usual watching TV, playing toys… etc. Like some others Anime, Manga… Cartoons, Comics and Video Games were my influences. As time goes by as you know now I am a Freelance Artist. What was my hobby became a source of Income for me.

We all know that whatever is what we call a source of income is a job… passion it may be it will become a source of your stress… both in mind and body. Sometimes emotionally depending on how you handle it. In my case the source would be marketing my services, getting clients, working on a tight schedule or deadlines, getting paid for it…. So while it is still my biggest passion as sad as it sound most of the time it is not fun anymore. I know people go around and say follow your passion and it won’t be a job if you do… etc. It is half true. I would still say follow  your passion when thinking of what kind of job/career choice you would go for because it will be a forever thing (almost… unless in the middle of it you get tired of it, have a change of heart, and decide to switch careers) but I will also be honest that it is not going to be fun forever and there will be times that you will be awfully frustrated. But it will be much bearable if you love your job.

So with that said what I was saying is that looking for a new hobby can bring back that joy you had when that previous hobby becomes a job. Because we all know that having one makes our life much more fulfilling and something to look forward to.

It doesn’t have to be too different from what you are doing right now.

My new hobbies as you can find in my blog right now is knitting/crochet/amigurumi. I also picked up journaling which is great when reflecting things about yourself. For me it’s not too far from what I really do because they’re still creative hobbies but because they’re not also the same it helps me broaden my horizon which can reflect on my work. Doing something totally different is also a good thing… Though not yet a hobby I just recently started working out again…. The last time I went full blast was 5 years ago… Oh my how time flies! But back then when I worked out in a gym my anatomy skills went up 3-5 notches (I think) as it helped me observe how the human body works thru referencing other gym mates and myself (you know… feeling the muscles in my body.) The pain was worth it as I actually realize certain muscle parts exist that even though the books can actually show/explain it experiencing it yourself is a better teacher.

So if you feel like your life has become too centered with your career then it’s time to switch it up.

Get a HOBBY!

When your Hobby becomes your Job then it’s time to look for a New Hobby
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