When I learned crochet/amigurumi right there and then I decided that for Christmas (and probably for others to come) All my gifts would be handmade. That is because when I think of gifts I would like it be something I really thought of and creative.

Truthfully though when I worked on these I was kind of limited to some colors of yarn. (As the shop I was buying my stuff also has limited colors of yarn of the same type)

But still I’m happy I’m able to produce these. And I’m very happy they liked it. 🙂 I gave these to my 5 awesome and cool friends. Hopefully in the future when they see these from a box they may have put these on they would remember me.

You can actually put on a phone strap on these to function as a keychain. They’re pretty small (about 1 to 2 inches)

Will do more gifts like these in the future. 🙂

My First Christmas Handmade Gifts
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