I  would like to clarify first – I’m not an expert or a professional gamer. But I did play a lot of video (console) games my whole life. From the ever popular Final Fantasy series and Metal Gear series to cult hits like Armored Core series (which I totally suck at)

But what I wan to discuss here are what are the most practical consoles or hardware that you can get to play most of the games spending less than usual, specially for Filipinos who most I know are cheapskates.

We had a PlayStation 3 which we bough most of our games in hard copies that cost around $50 to $60 each here in the Philippines thru DataBlitz (which I still love to visit every now and then and still bought some games and peripherals from) Much more with other game shops. That’s when we consider doing Digital Downloads for most of our games.

Our problem though is that we have a 50GB cap every month and according to the telecom we are subscribed to: 1 GB = 800MB which from what I know is totally wrong. But correct me just in case. So that leaves me budgeting our bandwidth and do our downloads after our work for the day is done

As you know I’m a freelancer (working as an Illustrator) an updated tech is a must. Around March this year we bought an MSI laptop which is perfect for gaming. That’s when I considered going Steam. I know to most this is already a common knowledge but Steam do a lot of sales in their digital download games during Summer in 4 season countries, around June to August I think… (and some other times I don’t know yet so if someone knows please let me know in the comments) My first Steam game was Fallout 4 (which at that time I’m still not familiar with Steam yet) And bought a hard copy at Datablitz. What I didn’t know is that even with the hard copy (disc) I still need to spend around 30gb worth of data to download. What I wish then was I just bought the copy online which cost a lot less  and hassle free. But what I’m most happy about was buying my digital copy of Life is Strange. I bought all 5 episodes in about $10 to $15 at the time of the sale  when it cost about $50 to others.(But as of this moment it’s about $20 all episodes)

What I am most happy that I bought is my Nintendo 3DS. One I like about it is it’s mobile, it has both the game pad and touch screen and you can buy digital downloads too, much like PS Vita. But what makes it better, for me, are the exclusive games it has. I know PS Vita also has some exclusive games but most of them you can also play in either PS4 or PS3, some in Xbox One and some in Steam but Nintendo games are the games you can only play with Nintendo. I don’t have a Wii U so it sucks that I can’t play the Xeno series and Bayonetta 2, but with 3Ds I can play my all time favorite Monster Hunter series! (though this one I bough a hard copy for… urr… reasons) but most of my other games I bought through Nintendo Store online via the 3Ds console. For the game cards I bought thru Game Card Delivery.com for convenience as they deliver the game card code thru email so this is perfect for people who don’t have time to go out and buy the cards.

Also did I mention that downloaded games load faster on your machines? I notice it with the 3ds.

So to summarize: I think Steam (thru the use of a Gaming laptop) and a Nintendo 3ds is a good match to have a wide variety of games to play which you can digitally download the games you love that cost less (specially with Sales)


Most Practical Consoles for Gamers
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